The Patient Information Forum is an organisation which represents more than 300 organisations working in health information and support. 

They help their members to provide high-quality, clear and evidenced-based information to empower people to make informed decisions about their health.

They approached Grandad to combine their existing online offerings to become a centralised point of reference for members, and people wanting to learn more about the organisation. From this, we worked collaboratively with the team at PIF to create a refreshed brand and web presence. This allowed us to further modernise their offerings, and better communicate their value to the wider world to encourage new members to join them and retain their existing users. 

A new brand for quality health information

The new branding features a clean, fresh and modern mark which better reflects the organisation’s progressive and inclusive ethos, whilst articulating their heritage. It was key that the branding communicated their brand purpose - absolute clarity of information. This is demonstrated through different visual assets on the site such as the pixels surrounding different messaging blocks, suggesting transparency. Meanwhile, the updated logo works to communicate unity as well as further emphasising PIF’s key goals.

Communicating value and nurturing members

We recognised the need to communicate the value of having a membership with PIF to both prospective and existing members. Strategically designed content is presented differently to the reader depending on whether they are a member or not. Existing members have unlimited access within their profile to access the content they want, whilst non-members are enticed to sign up through the presentation of ‘teaser’ gateway content of which they can only view a small section, and unlock the rest upon sign up. 


Members can take full control over their membership through their own individual profile page, which takes the administrative work away from the PIF team and allows the user to be in full control. To further encourage engagement with the organisation and its members, we implemented intuitive solutions such as bookable events and easy renewals alongside the facilitation of a discussion forum for members. Throughout these activities, the value behind the PIF subscription is constantly being communicated to the user.

The new branding which Grandad created for us, combined with the brilliant work they did for our website, has been instrumental in our growth. The level of trust and confidence in our brand has massively increased and we're so pleased that this is reflected in the number of members we're gaining and retaining. Thank you Grandad!
Sophie Randall - Director at Patient Information Forum

Scalable membership management

The site was powered by our CMS of choice - YouCreate - to allow for a fully automated experience which makes both the client and their users journey’s as easy as possible. Both real-time subscriptions and gift and group memberships are all easily managed through the flexible system. The introduction of auto-renewals and an integrated payments gateway means that the team no longer have to worry about taking manual payments or dealing with excessive phone calls.

A pain-free partnership

We thoroughly enjoyed working with PIF to deliver this pain-killing solution and look forward to the next chapter of our partnership with them.

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