MacIntyre is a fantastic charity that empowers people with learning disabilities and we were honoured to help them develop a website that enhances their online presence and communicates the amazing work they do.

We highlighted the emotion around the warm, people-focused nature of MacIntyre’s offering by presenting the charity through photos and stories of the people they support and their colleagues. It was important to us to ensure that we created a website that boosted their content accessibility, increased their recruitment functionality and improved support, both in the community and financially.


As part of our work, we integrated an intranet with the website, creating a permission-based staff portal, allowing MacIntyre to personalise the content, including local news and events and documentation, individually to staff members.

We are delighted that the new website has changed how the business is perceived internally and externally for the better and that they can communicate more effectively and work more efficiently. 

The nomination of MacIntyre highlights Grandad’s passion for working in this rewarding sector; helping clients like Walsingham Support, The City of London Sinfonia, VSO, Brighton Dome and Moors for the Future Partnership, to name a few.

The winner will be announced by Alexander Payne at the Awards Reception on Wednesday 20th November and we wish MacIntyre the very best of luck - they are already winners in our eyes.


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