Digital Strategy and Consulting

The world of business is evolving. Customers and consumers increasingly expect personalised service around the clock. If a business cannot adjust to work this way, they will be left behind: their growth will slow, competitors will stride forward, and their profits will drop. Having a robust digital strategy that integrates and supports your overall business goals is a necessity in this fast-changing consumer landscape. 

Grandad is well-positioned to collaborate with client partners to develop and implement a dynamic digital strategy. We use tried and tested methods to get under the skin of a business and its customers to understand what they want. We then combine our experience of the digital world with a dash of innovation and a sprinkle of brilliance, in order to deliver the right strategies to streamline the customer experience and define your brand.

Explore how we increased membership for the Patient Information Forum via a dynamic digital strategy

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Data Analysis and Insight Reporting

To help your business grow, your business’s online presence has to perform. By understanding your customers behaviours, reacting faster than your competition, and creating actionable insights to inform your decision making, you can position your business to be at the forefront of its field.

Grandad delivers insights by developing rigorous measurement frameworks based on your strategic needs. We build dashboards that transform large, disordered data sets into integrated, visual reports that present easily digestible, actionable insights. Our aim is to deliver a robust foundation of intelligence, highlighting meaningful trends from which the next steps in business growth can be determined.

Comprehensive data analysis helped Sport Wales understand how the nation participated in sport.

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Brand Development and Activation

The value of any brand can be determined by three key factors - authenticity, relevance, and whether it resonates with its audience. It’s only once these three factors have been established that a brand can become truly visible - cutting through the noise of its competitors to evoke an emotional response, and consistently stimulating behavioural changes amongst its customers to encourage organic growth. Your brand needs to feel established wherever your customers interact with it - whether that’s on digital or physical platforms.

Grandad builds brands with personality: brands that tell genuine stories, by merging old-fashioned storytelling with an innovative approach to technology and a robust underpinning of data and insight. Our imaginative team can help you envisage and create a brand which helps your business thrive in a fast and ever-changing market.

MCD Group’s business proposition needed restructuring and solidifying. Discover how Grandad developed and activated their new brand

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Experience Design

A customer’s relationship with a company is founded on positive interactions from the offset. From their very first engagement with your brand, their conversion into customers, through to when you’re trying to retain their loyalty after purchase - the ease with which a customer can engage with your brand has a huge impact on their relationship with you. Customers are increasingly expecting to achieve their goals through beautiful digital experiences which integrate seamlessly with their daily lives. 

Experience Design, the practice of designing products, processes, and services with a focus on the quality of the Users experience, is at the heart of everything we do. In fact, it is the foundation of our strategic approach. By understanding a market, researching an audience and identifying their expectations and needs, we are able to focus on creating experiences that are beautiful, intuitive, and efficient. We create experiences that are sensitive to your customers’ needs and will positively influence your business’s growth.

Creating a digital destination to promote an area of outstanding natural beauty

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Content Strategy and Content Creation

For brands, digital has one true purpose – to deliver engaging, persuasive, authentic, relevant, and valuable content which persuades audiences to interact with their business.

However, all too often in the quest to create a digital asset for your brand, content fails on the basis of focusing on style over substance. Content is often an afterthought, when it should be the starting point for the design process. That’s where Grandad comes in. We ask our clients what they want to communicate, how they want to say it, and most importantly, who they want to say it to. With that understanding under our belt, we focus on creating quality content which will work effortlessly regardless of whatever channel, platform, or device it is delivered upon. As that content develops, it influences the design of the delivering product. We recognise that content needs consistent experimentation and wrangling. Content needs a plan for creation and for ongoing management. It needs a strategy. Grandad’s experience with creating content strategies ensures that their clients are able to reach their audiences effectively whilst achieving their goals and fulfilling their needs.

Communicating reputation and delivering on commercial ambitions

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Visual and Interaction Design

Bringing your brand’s proposition and services to life and achieving transformational results requires a near magical level of creativity. It invisibly weaves your audiences goals with your brand, engaging them, and intuitively driving them towards purchase.  

Drawing on the strategy and insight surfaced by our Experience Design team, Grandad’s designers craft beautiful, useful, and usable interfaces for a whole range of platforms, all  imbued with your brand’s personality and the needs of your audience at heart. We combine and integrate pleasing visuals and fun, functional interactivity so that it becomes part of your brand - delivering your content in enhanced, persuasive ways to audiences looking for an authentic connection with a business that shares their values. Our work ensures that every interaction inspires the senses and creates a lasting bond with the end-user, whoever they may be.

Boosting visibility, increasing traffic and giving control

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Technology and Innovation

The pace of innovation in today’s world is not slowing, and technology is its driving force. For any brand to thrive and prosper in this constantly changing landscape, it needs to keep pace. Digital media is evolving to become the most powerful medium to push innovation and influence growth at the heart of any business.

Grandad’s multi-disciplinary creative, data, and technology team develop transformative technical solutions that help business’s embrace the new to stay ahead of the curve. We’re constantly innovating, exploring the potential of new technologies, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We devise solutions that integrate digital products with flexible technologies to create scalable platform architectures, to support and influence customers experiences with brands, and provide businesses with a robust foundation for future growth. Whilst we’re doing that, we also work to ensure that security and return on your investment is a top priority.

Creating intuitive journeys and promoting membership value

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Platform and Service Integration

For a digital solution to drive the superlative customer experience needed to stimulate real business innovation and growth, it needs a specific type of platform. It must be robust and future-proofed, able to scale with the demands from business success, and able to integrate successfully with legacy systems and services.  These supportive and scalable platforms deliver flexibility, speed, and revenue generation – and a real competitive advantage.  

Grandad has extensive experience across a range of technology solutions. Our vast knowledge allows us to advise our clients, in jargon free language, on the build and implementation of the most efficient and secure platforms and services that meet their specific needs and budget. Whether it’s CRMs or ecommerce systems; from payment gateway integration to advanced ticketing systems, Point of Sale systems and video conferencing, Grandad’s fanatical love of technology creates optimal solutions.

Easily increase your profit margins by streamlining your internal business processes. Grandad are experts in creating bespoke digital tools to help your organisation thrive – because we understand that working hard and hard work are two different things.

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Technical Architecture

Every business is dependent on IT. From the single entrepreneur to the global corporation, information technology underpins every commercial activity. When trading in a constantly evolving market, it’s important that your technology allows you to flex your offer and retain control as this will ultimately have a positive impact on future growth.  

A solid technical architecture aligns your business and technology needs and establishes a robust plan of execution, ensuring it is easy to use, consistent and reliable, and establishes a robust plan of execution, aligning and focusing all stakeholders. 

Grandad delivers best-in-class, technologically proven and quality  development. Our guidance is based on a strategic approach, that allows us to build customised solutions that always deliver return on investment and security. Our extensive experience means we forge a long-term partnership that ensures a client has all the tools needed to make their long-term vision a reality.