Expertise When it Matters

Going beyond the ordinary is at the very core of everything we do, whether it’s in how we deliver outstanding results for our clients or in how we approach working as a team. Fun is our watchword whilst working on our clients projects - and when we are not! We have high standards, so park our egos at the door, roll up our sleeves, and get stuck in - together. We look for ways to experiment, to push the boundaries of what we are being asked to do, and deliver an end result that offers real success... all crafted with love.

Working with us

Our approach to working with clients doesn’t mean you hardly see us - on the contrary, we welcome you into our team. Our clients are our partners. It's your business problems we are solving, so it’s essential you become collaborators. 

From the initial kick-off, through our proven discovery process that dovetails seamlessly with design, to every stage of build and integration, we work in partnership with you. We consult with you, pick your brains, and check the logic of our work with you to ensure that we are meeting your needs, goals and vision for your product. 

We look at the long-term - not just your immediate need. We don’t just deliver and say goodbye - we understand the importance of a long-term relationship with a trusted partner. We continually measure what we create for you, then look for opportunities to add more value, offer you other strategies and products to support your goals in the future, and provide you with ongoing support that will fuel your business growth.

Paul in Studio
Design Team discussion

Our Values

We are ingenious

We don't focus just on what can be done, we look at what could be done. We are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate, push boundaries, take risks, to learn and to challenge ourselves. Yes, we make mistakes, but we reflect on those and keep going and improving, to grow as a team and as individuals.

We are curious

What is possible? Why does that work? Can we make that work? Why should we do that, and not that? Why should that be round? This platform could be better! We are constantly asking ourselves questions, exploring ideas, and going to new places as we continually look for ways to grow Grandad and each other.

We are transparent

Building trust – both as a team and with clients – is founded on being transparent. We share information and insight, are honest with each other, and have the courage to say what we think. We own our mistakes, and are constructive in our criticism. Transparency = trust = the ability to solve the most difficult of problems!

We are straight-talking

Though there are times that call for it, we are on the whole a jargon free zone. We deliver clear, concise, and down-to-earth communication that tells it like it is. We keep it simple and try to explain things in a way which everyone understands, but don’t patronise those who may not. 

We are inclusive

The old adage goes “there is no ‘I’ in team”. Well, we think there is, and that “I” brings experiences, skills and ideas that bring added value to how we work. We are grateful for everything each individual brings to the team – we couldn’t grow without them.

We are creative

When we say that we're creative, we mean that we are adventurous, imaginative, open-minded, experimental, innovative, and a little weird. We're laterally thinking, passionate, person-centred, exploratory, visual, inventive, spontaneous, thoughtful, and realistic. For us, creative is an umbrella term.

The Team

Experienced. Collaborative. Committed. Talented. Diverse. Problem Solvers. These are just some of the words which describe our team. All seniors in their disciplines, each individual brings a wide range of expertise to the table, allowing us to find new ways of looking at old problems.

Grandad is a wonderful place to work. Sounds cliched but we are a close family both in and outside of the studio.

Our Culture

We believe that creativity requires collaboration. By utilising the strengths of the individuals in our team, we uphold this philosophy. All members of our team have their voices heard. We work hard, but through working together, sharing our knowledge and listening to each other, we have built a workplace that is conducive to pushing the creative boundaries for our client partners. We want everyone at Grandad to flourish, and develop their career in a healthy, supportive work environment.

Lucy - Grandad Team
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