Oliver Heath Design (OHD) is a biophilic interior design agency based in Brighton. Founded by Changing Rooms alumni Oliver Heath, the agency is made up of an expert team of researchers, psychologists and designers specialising in the field of Biophilic Design.

Biophilia is a practice which explores the innate attraction to nature and natural processes to improve the many spaces we live and work in. 

Oliver and his team have established themselves as thought leaders in the field and are regularly consulted to offer advice and insight on biophilic design and sustainability.

Grandad was faced with the challenge of relaunching the OHD site to help better explain their expertise, services and successes, whilst distinguishing the OHD brand and team from the better known Oliver Heath persona. In addition, the team at OHD wanted to create an online environment which aligned with their business goals and mission which emulated biophilic theory in its design.

New navigation

We began the relaunch of the OHD site with an analysis of their existing offering to work out different pain points and areas of success. The Grandad team then worked with the team at OHD to truly obtain an understanding of their mission, goals and personality. 

Taking this into account, we were then able to expand upon our research of the brand’s user behaviours, establishing the different user types and breaking their wants and needs down into specific requirements which would help to shape the new navigation.

Curated content

Whilst the redesign was going on, we worked in partnership with the OHD team to do a comprehensive audit of their existing content to determine areas of success and for improvement. After obtaining an in-depth understanding of their content, we were able to provide basic guidance to help improve their copy and ensure readers could get the most value from it. A prominent example of this was their proposition statement, which after being reworked better reflected who OHD are and what they do.

Beautiful yet functional

The collaborative approach Grandad took with the team at OHD meant that their expertise was centralised as we worked to optimise their site’s usability and UX design. Whilst their previous site was simplistic in style and failed to communicate the nature of the projects they do, we were able to craft the new site to replicate the sort of environment the OHD team would design for one of their clients. Utilising strategic colour choices and ‘moodboard elements’, we were able to breathe biophilic elements into the site’s design and truly immerse the user in the OHD space whilst giving a full flavour of their work.

In conclusion

This project was a breath of fresh air for us and a deeply educational experience. We’re really pleased with the end result!

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