A Clear Message

Clear communication of products and service offering were a key factor in the development of the Adsum site, with a focus on delivering clarity and education to multiple audiences with varying degrees of financial knowledge. The site needed to convey the company's capabilities and innovation in the sector in order to validate the company as an alternative to traditional lending whilst offering a clear, accessible and obtainable user-flow for customers to gain information and make applications. 

Easily accessible information and a modern user interface combined with an aesthetic that represents the sector, have produced a bold website that will scale and evolve to match the companies ambitious and enterprising approach.

simple steps Adsum
Adsum tablet calculator

Quicker Conversions

The solution here was to change the Information Architecture of the site and move primary and secondary content so that Adsum’s products and business benefits were brought to the forefront.  Making use of Grandad’s existing technology resulted in the development of an intuitive application tool to aid conversions and speed up the process of making online applications. The tool enables users to navigate the site with purposeful actions that allow them to get the information they need quickly and smoothly.

Adsum Help centre mobile
Adsum Mobile news and opinion
Adsum mobile vat advance

Bold Brand Language

Bringing the brand up-to-date to demonstrate the character and personality of the company  was a focus point for the design team. Adsum is seen as a start-up disruptor in the financial sector and this allowed the team to incorporate a progressive, modern and distinctive approach with how the brand language was used across the site. 

It's been great to lead on this project over the last few months. A huge thank you to Grandad Digital and the whole team over there. This is the second time I have worked with them on a website redesign/relaunch project and I could not recommend them enough.”
George Toner, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Adsum Technologies Ltd.

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