Combining the power of innovative experience, collaboration and communication, Hyphen focuses on leveraging data-driven strategic insight to form authentic connections for their clients' brands across multiple unforgettable experiences that deliver maximum results. 

A Brand Beyond the Brief

In line with their aim of going ‘beyond the brief’ to challenge clients’ expectations, Hyphen needed to make more impact with a digital re-design that clearly communicates their service offering and solutions whilst better positioning their brand against industry peers. 

Grandad responded with a brand aesthetic that modernised their offering whilst infusing the team culture, personality and capabilities of the brand, throughout. From an extensive discovery phase, our design team developed a brand language for the digital space that reflects Hyphen’s values; explicitly demonstrating the ‘experiential’ core factor at the heart of their operations to convey their mission of connecting brands, people and events.

Hyphen Success
Hyphen Mobile Hylife

Success Stories

An integral part of Grandad's discovery process is the in-depth analysis of the organisation’s strategy which helps to inform  the information architecture and primary navigation of the site by highlighting key areas that need prominent positioning.  For Hyphen - communicating their ability to deliver ‘beyond the brief’ and showcasing their success and team spirit was a priority and lead to the development of an ‘Our Successes’  case study page built with customised blocks to reflect the individuality of the brands that Hyphen have delivered campaigns for.  


Grandad took the concept of 'success stories' further with the communication of key results data taken from Hyphen's campaigns which display across primary content pages.  This, alongside a re-designed ‘Hylife’ team page reflects the inclusive, collaborative nature of the team and demonstrates the value and impact from working with Hyphen.

Hyphen solutions mobile
Hyphen campaigns
Hyphen mobile home

No limits

A key element in the site build for Hyphen, was the use of a responsive, adaptable and flexible CMS, and for this, Grandad recommended building the new site in YouCreate, which moved Hyphen away from the limitations of their existing Wordpress site.  The addition of a new vertical primary content menu and blog filter pattern allows for an overall streamlined navigation process.

If you like what we have delivered for Hyphen, get in touch to discuss our creative digital solutions and how they can work for you. 

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