"In this new Age of Trust, context and quality is everything. Instead of relying on brute-force manipulations of price and promotion, brands will have to work a lot harder to earn attention, trust and action from their users based on meaningful and real factors of trust, relationships and interest.”

What does the third-party cookie chrome change mean for brands & businesses?

For the most part we envision the migration to first-party cookies and data to have minimal impact on brands and businesses, other than the switching off of “god mode” and more planning of more meaningful and creative content.

As far we can tell Google’s plan is to instead use people’s general interests in order for ad targeting. Taking into account your web history, Google will group users into categories based on their interests. So if you’re an avid shoe buyer, this style of ad will still be targeted to you. 

This means smaller brands and businesses will still have the chance to access meaningful “leads” in order to sell products, but it will just be largely looser and to a more generalised group.

The biggest takeaway from this is identifying the need for stronger, more meaningful content creation. When you switch off “god mode”, it means you have to find new ways of engaging prospects and gaining traction and interest on your product, which as digital marketers we find very exciting! 

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