Building a visually decadent site for this award-winning international AAA Keywords game studio. Focusing on elevating the Electric Square brand and providing a community-driven experience for optimising talent acquisition.

Ambition & Innovation

Based In Brighton, Leamington Spa and Singapore, Electric Square is a Keywords Studio providing world-class console game development for the biggest and best partners in the industry. Ambitious and innovative to their core, it was vital for Grandad to develop a value proposition that would match, and for this to be reflected across Electric Square's digital communications.

Electric Square expertise that delivers
Electric Square mobile

A Refined Brand Language

The critical discovery and analysis stages equipped Grandad with a deep level of insight into how Electric Square were broadcasting their brand to their audience.  This resulted in developing a refined brand language and resulting design that focused on amplifying the existing art deco imagery.  The use of motion graphic animation delivered cinematic flair and movement to provide an immersive experience.

Electric Square tablet - Battlefield
Electric Square job board

Talent Acquisition Solutions

As a community orientated organisation with very strong CSR, developing an engaging site for talent acquisition played a key role when building the IA (information architecture) and user journey.  To showcase the employee-centred approach and ensure optimum potential for attracting employee prospects,  Grandad developed a clearer user journey, enabled a new and improved filtering system and integrated the site with recruitment site Workable.

But seriously, you’ve smashed it, Grandad is an awesome powerhouse of talent and a great pleasure to work with!
Jason Green, Studio Art Director, Electric Square

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