Next Level Branding

With such a premium offering, TrailerFarm required a premium solution that elevates their brand position to the next level, whilst broadcasting the full gamut of their talent and innovation. With a focus on demonstrating their flair and expertise in delivering trailer production services, Grandad’s design team created a confident brand aesthetic that truly reflects the company's personality and capabilities, positioning them as leaders in their sector to reflect their work to date.

Trailerfarm tablet
Trailerfarm mobile
We wanted to position ourselves more inline with the premium work we’ve been doing. The team is now working with clearer guidelines and because the logo and brand is now such high quality, we want everything else to be at the same benchmark.
Devon Pearce, Director of Client Operations, TrailerFarm

Filtering and Search Technology Solutions

A key feature of the new site’s functionality was to meet the demands of TrailerFarm's discerning audience of game developers and producers, who require access to relevant examples and key pieces of content from TrailerFarm’s extensive portfolio. For this, Grandad made use of their existing advanced filtering and search technology which gives the TrailerFarm audience a specialised, intuitive and personalised experience by matching the type of content with the style of game produced. 

Showcasing a culture of innovation

Showcasing TrailerFarm’s community and conveying the culture at the heart of the organisation was an important aspect of the website development. Grandad developed a ‘culture of innovation’ page that shows the who behind the what and gives further insight into the creativity and talent of the team.  TrailerFarm took this further and made use of Grandad’s knowledge and expertise on the best process of attracting talent with Workable integration.

Trailerfarm menu
TrailerFarm trailer list
TrailerFarm get in touch
Having access to Grandad’s learned knowledge that we wouldn’t have had access to anywhere else has really helped us and we’ve taken on-board lots of recommendations and suggestions provided by Grandad post-website launch.
Devon Pearce, Director of Client Operations, TrailerFarm

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