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Understand your audience’s intents and goals

Reveal your customer's journeys in detail

To cut through the digital noise and get your business noticed by your target audiences, you first need to understand their intent. What are they searching for? What do they want to buy? What do they consider valuable? What pushes them away? Mapping their customer journeys, in detail, will help you understand their experiences with your brand, not just their key interactions, but also their feelings, motivations, and questions.

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Tailor content for each channel

Vary the way you tell your story, dependant on channel

Don’t tell the same story on different channels. There’s nothing worse than reading the same thing over and over again in multiple places. Different channels have different strengths, designed to engage audiences in contrasting ways. Understanding the inherent power of each channel, creating content that leverages their idiosyncrasies, and identifying the right time to deliver that content will draw audiences to your brand and engage them with a level of authenticity. However, you must be consistent in applying your brand.

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Inspire and engage at every step of their journey

Provide value from the beginning to stimulate conversion

You mustn’t hide who you are or what you do. Make it clear in every interaction. Give your customers something of value with each communication: extend their understanding of your brand and the products they desire. Encourage conversion from the very first communication and use inspiring content to spur them on to explore your business further.

When I was tasked with generating more revenue for my organisation there was only one place I could go to get the result that I knew would merit my investment, and that was Grandad.
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How we deliver data visualisation solutions

Brand Development and Activation

Grandad helps build brands with an authentic personality, brands that connect with an audience on an emotional level to tell a genuine story of what is possible. It’s an approach that is merged with a robust underpinning of data, insight and an innovative approach to technology. What story can we tell about your business?

Digital Strategy and Consulting

Are you not getting noticed amongst all the noise from your competitors? The broad question to ask yourself is ‘Am I approaching marketing my organisation correctly?”. We work with organisations to identify where and how you should be communicating your business. From that (and much more!) we develop a robust strategy to support growth.

Content Strategy and Content Creation

What do you want to communicate? How do you want to say it? Who do you want to say it to? These are the three key questions we ask of all our clients. Without an understanding of the answers to those, it becomes more difficult to create content that represents your brand effortlessly on whichever channel, platform or device it is delivered on.

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