Increase sales by ensuring that customers can find shows and book tickets - how they want to. Fully configurable, extremely scalable, and easily managed.

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Optimise your event marketing

Improved visibility and increased reach

When your website reflects the experience a visitor will have at your physical venue, then you will captivate your paying audience. Turn your website into an authentic reflection of your venue: make it welcoming, informative, and a fun place to be - and ultimately drive experience-based sales.  

Grandad’s specialist expertise of the arts and entertainment sector ensures that a visitors’ journey is as entertaining as your offer, including clear communications and a seamlessly integrated purchase process.

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Entertainment optimised filtering

Help visitors find what they want, how they want

Help your visitors find their perfect entertainment - they’ll welcome the support! Encourage them to search by any means they choose - and guide them to discover the unexpected and the off-the-wall - then persuade them to book it. 

Our industry-leading filtering system allows your visitors to slice-and-dice your performance catalogue however they want. It’s a flexible and scalable solution, intuitive to use, easy to manage, and will ensure your site visitors are excited to search and find entertainment that matches - or challenges - their interests.

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Intuitive seat choice and ticket booking

Increase sales with a streamlined purchase journey

The journey from viewing a show’s details, through seat selection and onto the final ticket purchase is typically where most visitors fail to become customers. It’s essential that visitors can intuitively select seats in a variety of different ways - such as view of the stage, price band, and accessibility - on all devices. From there, the purchase process must be a seamless extension of that seat selection journey.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with all the industry standard seating, ticketing and payment services, ensuring that ticket sales are maximised in even the most testing and complex entertainment environments.

Grandad has been a pleasure to work with over the years, they always consider our briefs with creative flare, while pushing the boundaries in order to deliver more than we could have imagined.
Marilena Reina - Head of Marketing, Brighton Dome

What goes into our filtering and ticketing solutions

Experience Design

Building upon a detailed understanding of what your audience wants and how they go about satisfying what they want online, we architect a filtering system that matches the different ways that they seek the information that they need. Quick, responsive and scalable, our systems provide the first step in a detailed and intuitive journey to booking tickets.

Platform and Service Integration

From integrating existing systems that a client brings to the table, to recommending which systems are optimal to match specific needs, Grandad has extensive knowledge and experience of all the major ticketing and payment platforms. This means we're the best at advising clients on the choice and implementation of the best platforms to meet their needs.

Technology and Innovation

With the pace of innovation continually increasing, Grandad is constantly exploring new technologies and pushing new boundaries to ensure that its clients thrive and prosper. Our filtering and ticketing solutions continually iterate, to embrace new standards of experience and technology, continually setting a standard for other providers to follow.


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