Deliver easy-to-understand insights in a visually captivating, aesthetically pleasing way. Engage with, inform, convert, and grow your audience.

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Discover how we have supported business and employee decision making with our bespoke data dashboards

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Visualise change in your organisation

Bring everyone onboard with growth

Clear communication is key for sustainable growth. Being transparent with employees about new directions, opportunities, current profitability and long-term forecasts needs to be communicated effectively. Grandad’s expertise in creating simple and effective data dashboards delivers a visual that quickly engages members of staff.

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Empower decision making with insights

Educate, inspire and inform the right decisions

Businesses that base their decision making on data consistently out-perform businesses that don’t, and that's a fact! However, this relies on having up-to-date, accurate data which provides a complete picture. Only then can decision making be less risky for a business. Most importantly, data should be accessible and available to the people making the decisions, whether that’s managers with the responsibility of identifying the next steps in business growth, or employees determining the value of their pension contributions. We can deliver data dashboards that simplify the presentation of information, prioritising the most salient insights, to positively affect decision making.

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Make the complex meaningful

Overcome the complexity trap

Computers brought the promise of time saving and increased productivity. Big data heralded an era of working better and smarter. Now we are awash with data: often making our lives more complex, less meaningful  and hindering our progress.  

Visualising your data simplifies it. This leads to faster decision making, simplified processes and more time for meaningful work that will lead to greater customer satisfaction. 

Grandad's data system allowed us to physically see our data, making it so much easier to process what was working and what wasn't, in order to continue our recent engagement boosts.
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How we deliver data visualisation solutions

Platform and Service Integration

Making complex information simple to understand often requires combining data from multiple sources which often don’t naturally communicate well together. Our expertise with wrangling multiple systems ensures that issues are identified and communicated to the client early and that suitable solutions are developed to overcome any problems.

Data Analysis and Insight Reporting

Users need actionable insights to help them make decisions critical to their next steps. Whether that’s a pensions dashboard, website metrics or a profit and loss statement, data needs to be logically structured, clearly laid out and visually engaging to report effectively. 

Visual and Interaction Design

The days of showing your employees or customers tables of data and expecting them to extract their own insights from it are long gone. Your Users need to be able to experience the data and almost intuitively see the insights they need – perhaps even have fun with it! For Grandad, data is just another outlet for our creative expression!


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