Leveraging beautiful and usable purchase functionality to drive conversions. Refined journeys + intuitive interfaces = increased sales.

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Identify the leaks in your current funnel

Streamline sales with comprehensive funnel analysis

Having difficulty achieving sales targets? Drop-offs throughout your conversion funnel may be the culprit. To confirm the exact nature of those drop-offs, you need a comprehensive analysis. We can help identify the ideal customer experience at each stage of the funnel by charting the users’ journey across the key touch-points, understanding their choices and seeing if they align with the way you want your funnel to work.

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Design a usable shopping basket and checkout flow

Boosting sales with reduced steps and intuitive functionality

Abandoned shopping baskets. Poorly integrated payment platforms. These are the bane of any online business and both cancel out your marketing investment. Finding ways to boost eCommerce performance must centre on the user's journey to and through the shopping basket and onto payment. Drawing on our extensive cross sector expertise, we can help you with a refined purchase process centred on a feature rich - but usable shopping basket - that integrates seamlessly with the payment provider of your choice.

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Test, learn and iterate

Consistently optimising your website 

The idea of a perfect digital sales funnel is a myth. There will always be users who change their mind, but with constant refinement, we can optimise your digital sales platform to increase the number of customers that complete their purchase. 

Grandad are advocates of a test, learn, and launch approach. By using A/B testing, we identify issues, redesign, then launch a revised version. Then we begin the cycle again - testing, learning, and launching new iterations in our quest to design the optimum experience.

Digital sales can often be a simple scatter gun collection of results, but by working with Grandad and following their advice we saw a huge increase in our business activity.
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How we deliver improvements to the sales funnel

Experience Design

Experience design turns the insights gathered from data into a strategy for improvement to a commerce experience. It helps us to better understand the audience for your products or services and establish an optimal architecture that will support their goals with your brand. Experience design is our process of creating a sales funnel that is sensitive to your customers’ needs, and which provides them with beautiful, intuitive and efficient purchasing experiences.

Data Analysis and Insight Reporting

How are you performing? What are you selling? Where are you potentially losing customers? Do their digital journeys support their goals with your business? What are they struggling to do? Are they getting the right information at the right time? These are all important questions, questions that can be answered with a deep dive into your data to extract insights into how your digital sales are currently performing.

Platform and Service Integration

Selling online requires a robust, future proof technology platform. It needs to be a platform that can scale with the demands of increasing business success, but one that integrates successfully with any legacy systems you may have. Our fanatical love of technology has helped us develop vast experience of wide range of industry-standard solutions, meaning we can advise you on what is best to support your sales needs.


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