The nitty gritty

Evil Dead is the ultimate multiplayer gaming experience which combines gore with groove. Based on the iconic ‘Evil Dead’ franchise, the game is inspired by all three original Evil Dead films as well as the Starz original Ash vs Evil Dead television series. 

They needed a landing page to coincide with the game’s wider marketing efforts in the lead up to its pre-release. The pre-release was specifically commissioned to launch at the annual Gaming Awards, so the client needed a promotional page which could host the teaser trailer, generate excitement around the game, and support an immense volume of traffic.

The webpage simultaneously needed to drive engagement through the trailer and game’s assets whilst communicating its unique selling point to a worldwide audience. A fine line between whetting the viewer’s appetite and maintaining an element of mystery, Grandad had to craft a place to inspire, excite and entice the game’s intended players using assets approved for the pre-release.

Tried and trusted

With a tight deadline and short turnaround time, the client needed an agency who could be adaptable and responsive. Grandad was approached after the team saw what we had achieved with another of our clients, the TrailerFarm. We worked closely with a global team of professionals in different timezones to deliver the project, a vital cog in the wider machinery of marketing efforts to get ready for the pre-release.

Grandad has experience with dealing with the inherent peaks and troughs of a games promotional cycle, and so understood the need for a space for users to both watch the trailer and be encouraged into the game’s community to encourage continued buy-in. 

As the wider narrative between gaming and film becomes more closely intertwined, our job was to bring a cinematic experience to the digital space through design, to best elevate and display the level of quality the game warrants and deserves.

A collaborative creative

Grandad approached the project with the idea of creating a space which truly immersed the user in the game’s universe. Due to the nature of the game’s content, the site was gated and only accessible after the user entered their date of birth. Once within the site, viewers could watch the game’s trailer and learn more about what they could expect to see and experience should they purchase the game.

Maintaining a close relationship with the game’s licensor, we worked collaboratively to execute beyond the base of the brief to create a site which had the right infrastructure to support a large number of visitors. 

This was achieved by utilising approved assets in the most visually effective means and elevating them for a digital space through the use of cutting-edge front-end techniques and animation. 

We employed different technologies such as the GSAP rendering framework to make animations more fluid and easier to configure, allowing creative and technical to come together and deliver above and beyond the client’s expectations. The end result? A website as beautiful as it is fast, scaleable, responsive and buildable.

A vision brought to life

Our forward-thinking approach has resulted in a site which can be adapted throughout all stages of the game’s release cycle without compromising on quality. The team’s passion for the project was displayed through the complexity of their ideas, and has provided a bank of content which allows us to be adaptable in deployment of new features and functionality moving forward. We are looking forward to our continued work with the Evil Dead team to keep delivering beyond the ordinary.

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