A TrailerFarm teaser

The TrailerFarm is a production house specialising in the creation of game reels, working across small indie studios to AAA labels. Part of the Keywords Studio group, the Brighton-based agency was established in 2011 and combines personality with prowess to deliver trailers with both fun and flair.

The aim of their new website was to encourage more prospective clients to get in touch about their services, ultimately converting passive browsers to active consumers.

To do this, they needed their new website to showcase their incredible repertoire of work and expertise, whilst communicating their identity as an agency who ‘brings the awesome’ to everything they do. Passionate about their craft and bold in their delivery, TrailerFarm are dynamic, ambitious and experienced with a touch of rock ‘n roll - and it was vital that all aspects of their website reflected this.

A cinematic experience

Grandad created a new site which clearly communicates TrailerFarm’s vision, values of transparency, approachability, creativity and deep understanding of the games industry. Users are immediately immersed into the TrailerFarm universe through an impressive showreel which forms the entirety of the landing page. By letting the brand’s work speak for itself, users are left wanting to know more about their clients and capabilities.

We combined this cinematic approach with a quirky visual language to further distinguish the brand’s personality and demonstrate their creativity to prospective clients. The overall design and typography now truly compliments their seriously good brand personality. 

Effortless integration - total control

We gave total control over to TrailerFarm through integrating our bespoke CMS - YouCreate - which allowed them to showcase their broad range of exciting work with a flexible design which allows for both long and short form case studies. In our mission to go beyond the ordinary, we added a functionality to integrate TrailerFarm’s services with a specific case study and probe users into discovering more about the brand. Viewers can simultaneously see their chosen case study and the services utilised by each client, promoting an almost effortless user journey.

Grandad designed TrailerFarm’s website structure (also known as information architecture or IA) and user experience around a service-led approach to give a focus on commerciality. We designed a dedicated section which efficiently outlined their services for potential customers to easily find how TrailerFarm could help them, and make this process as simple as possible whilst showcasing their talents and previous work.

Seriously good stuff

Combining a carefully planned IA with exciting visuals resulted in a website which has equal part style and substance. Since the site’s launch, TrailerFarm has seen increased results in lead generation and brand awareness, and has seen an increase in page views of up to 50%. Grandad was subsequently recommended to a sister company to create their new website, which we’d call rather rock ‘n roll.

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