A full creative relaunch for 2021

Since our working relationship began in 2011, Grandad has been updating Brighton Festival’s website each year in preparation for one of Brighton’s biggest events. This year, after a live event hiatus in 2020, we collectively decided it was time to reinvest and redo the sites, delivering a full creative relaunch for the anticipated reopening in 2021.

Designing with the User in Mind

Brighton Festival has a colour refresh every year, but this year we started from scratch with a newly realised, creatively driven approach. In our first phase of the project we focused on user experience and user behaviour.

Powered by Insight

Our long working relationship with Brighton Festival has allowed us to understand their customer behaviour in order to design for the best possible user journey. We used our insight and worked collaboratively with Brighton Festival to make important design decisions that would affect how users would navigate the new site and view events / purchase tickets seamlessly.

Implementing Systems for Digital & Physical Events

Live events and how we view them are changing in a post-COVID world. It was essential that we incorporated new systems to cater for both physical and digital events. Solving from a design and UX perspective we interrupted the user journey to obtain this information, to then tailor the user journey to purchase tickets.

Project continuation and Our Next Phase

As we move into our second phase of the project, we have started to further streamline sales by introducing an integrated ticketing system, which allows the customer to convert easily from A to B. 

We are continuing to optimise the site to ensure the experience the customer is buying is easy to choose and navigate, whilst also building trust in the brand and ensuring a great customer experience.

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