Creating an impact with brand

Based on the iconic Alien franchise, Aliens Fireteam Elite is a cooperative third-person survival shooter game created by Cold Iron Studios. 

They wanted a teaser site full of suspense which conveyed the feeling of the game, without giving the game away. The overall purpose of the site was to encourage fans to sign up to the game’s community on Discord to drive further discussion and hype surrounding the game’s release in Summer 2021.

The site needed to provide a small insight into the Alien universe by taking inspiration from key elements of the series and remaining true to the iconic brand, whilst distinguishing the game from its predecessors and generating excitement for fans/ the wider gaming community.

A human touch

Our job was to create a digital web experience which invoked emotion within the audience. We utilised different technical elements to incite suspense, excitement and shock for the viewer. As users arrive at the age gate, we styled a flickering torch effect to create a tense wait, whilst allowing a small preview into the site. By designing the visual interface to take cues from the game, we ensured that the content consistently referred back to the legendary films throughout the entirety of the site.

The interface is fluid and flows seamlessly to reveal the game's key messaging, as well as cinematic imagery and carefully constructed typeface. Small yet impactful touches, such as creating a distortion effect on the titular font, helped elevate the site beyond the ordinary. This distortion element gives the user a sense of the experience you feel within the game.

Forward-thinking flexibility

The project had a tight deadline and required multi-agency working alongside the wider Aliens’ team, which meant Grandad had to be flexible around the changing requirements of the site. We designed the space so that it could act as a central hub for communications surrounding the game moving forward. This adaptive style means that as the game progresses through the release cycle, other functionality can be introduced to provide more insight into what users can expect from the game. The site in its initial state provides users with information surrounding key elements, characters, narratives and scenes within the game, motivating users to further explore what’s on offer.

We utilised different digital software to ensure the site achieved beyond the client’s expectations, utilising the expertise of our design and front-end teams to maximise the potential of the site whilst adhering to Cold Iron’s requirements and desires.

Out of this world results

Grandad was able to take visual elements from the game and put them into an experience which seamlessly tied together the film, game and community-based narratives. The site was launched on time across five continents and has had over 65,000 visitors in just a few weeks. We delivered an online environment which both motivated and enticed gamers to become further involved with the Alien universe.

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