About the client

A global force with 12,000+ employees across 70+ studios needed more than just a brand facelift—it demanded a language, value proposition, and communications strategy as diverse as its team.

The brief

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Key Goals

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Unleashing Creativity

Our game plan? Collaboration and exploration. We delved deep into every team, dissected stakeholders, and ignited pooled sessions to unearth real business insights.

Enterprise Solution: From day one, we envisioned a brand and tech powerhouse. Our strategy? Make it adaptable, make it easy. We mapped out critical requirements and dazzling MVPs to showcase functionality in style.


Month-to-month growth set the stage on fire. Increased search dominance, heightened engagement, ROI soaring, and broader awareness lit up the website. More leads, talent applications, and an overall quality upgrade followed suit.

iPad showing the home page of the Keywords website
An iPad showing the Browse Careers page of the Keywords website
An Ipad showing the Create page of the Keywords website

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