The baseline

Beatstar is the hit mobile game from London-based studio Space Ape, part of the Supercell group. It encourages gamers to stay connected through music, by choosing from a selection of classic bangers and top hits to compete against other players and place higher on the scoreboard by touching the beat.

The site needed to be able to support large volumes of traffic, enhance the visual assets for the user and communicate the core message of the game, to influence the user journey right through to download.

Space Ape Beatstar Game Visual
Space Ape Beatstar Game Visual

A digital dance

Grandad combined motion graphics and dynamic artwork with a clean yet colourful interface to create an immersive, seamless experience which reflected elements of the game itself.

As users navigate through the site, they are met with impactful animations of the game in action alongside familiar artwork from featured artists to further excite and motivate them to download.

It’s all in the data

Grandad utilised cloud-based technology to accommodate over two million users globally and stagger the launch and user experience according the the global release schedule. 

Users from countries where the game is available are directed straight to download. However, those where the game is still in pre-launch are directed to a newsletter and the social channels to continue being a part of the conversation.

A sweet melody

Beatstar is a true reflection of Grandad at our most playful - utilising tasteful animations with cinematic visuals to create an out-of-this-world experience for the user. The mobile game has been a big hit both in terms of downloads and the amazing reviews it's received. 

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