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Brighton based gaming agency Studio Gobo specialises in AAA character-action games. With clients such as Disney and Ubisoft, Studio Gobo has grown since its establishment in 2011 to become one of the leading gaming studios in the world. 

The brand needed a new website to express their expertise and authority, enhance their online presence, and promote their vast portfolio.

The website needed to act as a central space to drive the desire of prospective clients and talent to work with them. With a focus on displaying the studio’s portfolio of work and differentiating Gobo’s values, the new website also needed to communicate the unique benefits of the studio’s location in the convenient and creative hub of Brighton and Hove.

Combining innovation with imagination

Grandad created a fully responsive website to promote the Studio Gobo brand and their services, whilst ensuring all content was engaging and clearly displayed. We capitalised on the rich visuals produced by the Studio Gobo team in their work and combined this with a distinct, edgy visual language to communicate their core brand personality. Once users enter the site, they are immediately shown the brand’s showreel, featuring a number of recognisable characters and scenery, further cementing the agency’s status as a global force.

Grandad was mindful throughout the design process of the site’s dual purpose - to showcase their impressive portfolio, and distinguish Studio Gobo as a bold yet trusted agency in the sector. In order to do this utmost justice, we focused on the site’s structure (information architecture) and developed a considered user experience to suitably streamline users and future proof user journeys. 

The website was designed with functionality at its heart, with a focus on an enhanced recruitment process. We integrated the site with the Workable recruitment tool, for easier management of and engagement with candidates. We implemented Google Analytics, integrating social media and news to drive traffic via search, social and other means to increase the brand footprint and boost commercial success. Finally, we helped the brand to take full ownership of their site by integrating our bespoke CMS, YouCreate, to give them the autonomy to manage content and maintain the site themselves - allowing them the opportunity to express their unique culture in their own voice.

In First Place

Making use of Studio Gobo’s exciting portfolio, engaging visuals and stellar identity resulted in a site which continues to attract new users, new clients and new team members. Site visitor numbers in 2019-2020 were boosted by over 3000% compared to the previous year. We are thankful to class Studio Gobo as part of the family and continue to deliver results beyond the ordinary for this esteemed agency.

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