About the client

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art creates exhibitions and activities that explore contemporary art from artists of today and tomorrow from around the world.  

The Brief

Baltic gives users a bold experience that we wanted to communicate through the website. To do this vibrant movement and animation were used throughout which brought the site to life. 


Grandad had the unique challenge to utilise the fun and strong branding from Founded while highlighting the dynamic galleries and positive impact of Baltic.

With so much content for the website, an in-depth discovery phase was needed to ensure the user's navigation experience was efficient - not only for ease of use but to help direct users to the desired pages. 

Key Goals

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Navigating the site

After discussions internally and with the client, we discovered that all areas needed similar weighting on the navigation. The solution was to create a full-screen navigation system initiated from a hamburger icon. In choosing this approach for Baltic we employed a strong design language, intuitive interaction patterns and clear labelling to mitigate any perceived usability issues that could arise. 


We provided the ability to communicate 9 key site sections within the navigation while maintaining readability and item recognition. Giving users a quick way to get to desired content, within the menu, as opposed to scrolling through a landing page to locate content. Using this pattern also ensures better navigation consistency across devices. 

Explore the magic: baltic.art

An ipad showing the home page of the Baltic website
An iPad showing the menu of the Baltic website

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